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New Production
Type: Duplex Boards with Grey Back       On-Line Inquiry
  • Good stiffness !
  • High smoothness!
  • High bright!
  • Good printability
  • Recirculation!


  • Carton Sector: Cigarettes, Middle Packages, Wine Packages.
  • Non FoodArea: Blister Cards, Matchboxs, toothpaste Boxs.
  • Laminating Sector: Reel Liner
Type: Kraft Liner/ Test Liner       On-Line Inquiry
Trait: High Quality!
Use: Packaging & Printing
Type: Graphic Board       On-Line Inquiry
Trait: Quality features
1. The perfect rigidity, flatness and smoothness of our board ensure a strong, stable and beautiful end product.
2.Thanks to the dimensional stability of our board, products remain flat and stable in different climates.
3.The flatness of our board, combined with constant calipers and sizes, ensures excellent running on processing machines.
4.The board surface has the right absorption capacity to allow quick and economic gluing.
5.Our board  is easy to rotary cut, die cut, punch, crease, score, drill and rout.
Use: Usages of Graphic board/Chipboard/Grey board/Bookbinding:
1)    The outer pack of various gift boxes;
2)    Main frame of tea packers;
3)    The under-lying mattress of Japanese bed – “Tatami”
4)    Bare beer mat or mat for other beverages;
5)    Covers of dictionaries, Bibles, or other publications;
6)    Ply of Mini-drawers;
7)    Basic pack for stationeries;
8)    Replacement of the materials for different furniture;
9)    Other usages for industrial packaing.
Type: Semi-extensible Kraft Paper       On-Line Inquiry
Trait: We mainly supply kraft paper, Extensible Kraft Paper , kraft paperboard, kraft liner/test liner, advanced corrugated core paper and other packing and printing papers/boards.
Use: Usage:
Used for handbag, cement outer bag, regular file bag, common packaging for take-away food or fruits and other industrial usages.
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