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China BestWay Paper is your reliable business partner for excellent service performance. The company takes faith, practice, innovation, equity and harmony as the core values. We have been trying to improve the quality of our products and strengthen relevant service, and would work diligently for realizing the goal of ¡°satisfying customers, benefiting employees, returning to shareholders, dedicating the society¡±! Therefore we are sincerely willing to work with friends from all circles to develop jointly and to achieve mutual benefits and side by side to create a brighter future! Below is the service formula of China BestWay Paper:

Pre-sale service: Provide customized service according to client's actual detailed requirements
1. Update new products.
2. Initiate chats with customers instantly.
3. Products and service consultation;
4. Choice of the proper & suitable type of our products.
5. Design and make the products with professional staff.
6. Train the staff for separate customer.
7. Offer the technological consultation for special case.

On-sale Service: Respect the customers, give customers surprise & full satisfaction, and improve customers¡¯ whole value.
1. Quote most favorable price upon inquiry.
2. Provide multiple options of the commodities.
3. Deliver goods to the customers in guaranteed period.
4. Close & diligent shipment tracking.
5. Sales confirmation in advance of the products delivered.
6. Recommend high service system to the customer.
7. Keep a regular contact with customers during shipment.

After-sale Service/Post Service: Provide complete and professional technical support for clients!!
1. Follow-up review to find out customer suggestions.
2. Offer customized service solutions & optimum support.
3. Send prepared solutions from our preset knowledge base.
4. Offer the technological consultation for special case.
5. Collect feedback after one business is done.
6. Instruct staff to adjust as per customers¡¯ requirement.
7. Optimize our internal management.

You can also consult relevant questions from the company website, on the service phones, or through other ways about China BestWay Paper products and services for free.
China BestWay Paper will wholeheartedly provide the best service for all the customers, and we would strive for giving you the support that you would expect from us. Let¡¯s go hand in hand and create a happier tomorrow together.

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