---- Kraft Liner
Type: Kraft Liner/ Test Liner
Trait: High Quality!

We mainly supply kraft liner/test liner, advanced corrugated core paper and other packing and printing papers/boards.

Specifications for above mentioned types:
Machine width:3200mm
Standard weight:140 gsm, 145 gsm, 150gsm, 160gsm, 175gsm, 180gsm, 200gsm
Bursting index(kpa.M2/g):3.2(150gsm), 3.1(175gsm), 2.9(200gsm)
Presure(CD)(nm/g):8.1(150gsm), 8.4(175gsm), 9.2(200gsm)
1) Product range:140-200gsm available;
2) Size:500~3200mm reels available;
3) Material:Imported waste paper and imported pulp

Use: Packaging & Printing
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